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Developing Platform Strategy

About this course

The Developing Platform Strategy course is designed to train management level employees at organizations that are looking expand their business and gain revenue from business platform.

Participants can expect to gain the following from this course.

  • Logical thinking in designing business platforms with high potential for success.
  • Competitive skills from platform
  • Discover interesting content.
  • Learn practical and technical skills that can be adapted for use.

Target Group

Individuals in management positions

Program Structure

The program length is 1 full day and consists of 20% Theory, 30% Case Studies and 50% Workshop.

  • Determine platform business along with introduction method and designing the platform to achieve successful results.
  • Discover competitive methods for marketing that achieved success from platform.
  • Gain necessary skillset for being in charge of marketing processes.
  • Develop platform marketing strategies and transition old platform towards new platform
  • Practice receiving detailed information focusing on implications and adapt platform strategy for suitable use.

TIME Digital are willing to adapt the program according to suitability and the requirements of each client.

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