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Digital Assessment

Accept the Change in Order to Become Successful

The assessment an organization’s digital capabilities in order to determine each employees level of understanding and the organization’s overall progress in transitioning business processes to suit the digital era.

Digital Literacy Test for Individuals

The Digital Literacy Test is designed to assess the knowledge and understanding on using technology in the digital era of individuals within the organization. The assessment provides detailed insight on each employee’s digital literacy, which is used to devise a suitable method to effectively develop their skills in a manner that is in line with the growth of the organization.

The test assesses learning ability, understanding of the digital era, skills in using various digital devices and media, and awareness of cyber security. The 7 main topics tested are as follows.

  • Digital Era Concept
  • Digital Tools and System
  • Social Technology, Features and Platforms
  • Digital Engagement Skills and Tactics
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Cyber Security
  • Laws and Ethics

Digital Maturity Test

The Digital Maturity Test is designed to assess organizations’ structure and all-round business operations in order to fully transition them towards the digital 4.0 era. The assessment helps provide an overview on an organization’s readiness for digital transformation, which is useful for modifying processes in order to progress towards set goals. The Digital Maturity Test covers the following areas.

  • Customer
  • Strategy
  • Technology
  • Operations
  • Culture, People and Organization

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