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Pitching Perfect

Communication in the Start Up Era for private organizations

About this course

The Pitching Perfect course is designed to train organizations looking to develop skills in pitching business plans within a short time frame to managers, investors or clients. Participants will learn to leave a lasting impression through the use of various presentation techniques. They will also learn to organize their topics in a logical and interesting manner. Course content includes presentation design, topics, organization, as well as areas of emphasis in order to match the needs of the specific audience. 

Participants can expect to gain the following from this course.

  • Be able to use information in a way that benefits the organization.
  • Learn to organize information in a logical manner.
  • The ability to communicate in a manner that is relevant and sparks interest in the listener.

Target Group

Operational and Managerial level employees at organizations needing to develop skills in pitching business ideas.

Program Structure

The program length is 1 full day and consists of 20% Theory, 30% Case Studies, and 50% Workshop. 

    • Overcome fear of Public Speaking
  • Develop essential skills for public speaking such as tone of voice, volume, and body language.
  • Learn new communication tactics in order to leave a lasting impression.
  • Discover strategies for pitching ideas that spark interest.
  • Practice inspiring the audience in their learning experience.
  • Learn to use one’s unique characteristics in order to spark interest in the audience.
  • Using dynamic wording to gain advantage in discussion.
  • Develop own public speaking skillset that can be used confidently and reliably.

TIME Digital are willing to adapt the program according to suitability and the requirements of each client.

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