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Lean Startup Approach

About this course

The Lean Startup Approach course is designed for entrepreneurs interested in creating new working processes for businesses to the transition towards the digital era. The Lean Startup approach to making businesses focuses on the importance of client needs. This is done by reducing unnecessary processes and materials in order to minimize costs. This allows more resources to be allocated to the client’s area of interest. This course will utilize the “Lean Business Model Canvas” that has been adapted from the “Business Model Canvas” to design a suitable business structure with potential for further development in the future.

Participants should expect to gain the following from this course

  • Discover perspectives that can be used to develop “Lean Startup” businesses.
  • Develop analytical and managerial skills for marketing in the digital era.
  • Stimulate creativity to develop new ideas.
  • Opportunities to exchange ideas and opinions to broaden business knowledge.

Target Group

Entrepreneurs interested in developing “Lean Startup” businesses.

Program Structure

The program length is 1 full day and consists of 20% Lecture, 30% Case Study, and 50% Workshop, with focus on the following headings.

  • Customer Segments
  • Unique Value Proposition
  • Solution
  • Channels
  • Revenue Streams
  • Cost Structure
  • Key Metrics
  • Unfair Advantage

TIME Digital are willing to adapt the program according to suitability and the requirements of each client.

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