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Data Analysis & Visualization

About this course

The Data Analysis & Visualization course is designed for organizations that that are looking to develop skills in data analysis and methods to visually represent data. The course provides fundamentals on understanding, delegating and organizing existing data for analytical use. In addition, participants will learn to present data visually in order to increase appeal and ease of understanding.

Participants can expect to gain the following from this course.

  • Develop skills in data analysis.
  • Learn organization and visualization of data.
  • Stimulate thinking outside of the box to generate creative ideas.
  • Increased opportunity to differentiate from other organizations.

Target Group

Individuals in operational and managerial positions at organizations looking to improve skills in data analysis and visualization in order to make use of existing data at the fundamental level.

Program Structure

The program length is 1 day and consists of 20% Lecture, 30% Case Study, and 50% workshop, broken into the following sections.

In tune: Understanding the Concept and Importance of the course.

Define and Follow through: Learning processes and tools for Data Analysis.

Reflect: Practice visualization skills and exchange opinions through workshop activities.

TIME Digital are willing to adapt the program according to suitability and the requirements of each client.

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