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Customer Journey Mapping

About this course

The Customer Journey Mapping program is designed for organizations that want to develop skills in the analysis of consumer consumption patterns, consumer needs, and the effect of sale-consumer interactions on the overall satisfaction of the consumer. Participants will develop “Customer Journey Maps” in order to determine ineffective areas in consumption and find ways to improve customer satisfaction at each “Touch Point”. This will allow the good or service to best meet the needs of the customer.

Participants can expect to gain the following from this course.

  • Understanding the expectations of clients and providing a suitable service accordingly.
  • Thoroughly understand the behavior and needs of clients.
  • Know how to create or adjust experiences at each stage of the interaction between businesses and consumers.
  • Have the ability to design products or services that meets the needs of consumers.
  • Have the ability to analyze weaknesses in service in order to alter the correct point.

Target Group:

 Individuals in management positions looking to develop personnel that can provide strategies and services that meet the needs of the client in order to boost the company’s reputation.

Program Structure

 The Program Length is 2 full days and consists of 20% Theory, 30% Case Studies, and 50% Workshop according to the following itinerary.

Day 1

Customer & Market Focus

Moment of Truths

Case Studies

Day 2

Five steps to effective journey map

Customer Journey Mapping Step-by-step

TIME Digital are willing to adapt the program according to suitability and the requirements of each client.

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