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Big Data as a Service

About this course

Big data as a Service is a course designed to train organizations that are looking to develop an understanding on how to manage large amounts of data (Big Data). Managing Big Data utilizes digital software to store, process, and analyze the relationship between large volumes of data. Data comes at high volume, variety, velocity and veracity. As a result, the successful management of Big Data can result in effective planning, improved service, increase the organization’s value and set up further growth in the future.

Participants can expect to gain the following from this course.

  • Understanding of technological concepts in the digital era.
  • Develop skills in using tools to process Big Data.
  • Find connections between various data sources within the organization for maximum benefit.
  • Open up opportunities for the organization’s growth.

Target Group

Individuals in operational, administrative or managerial positions at organizations that are interested in new technologies and want gain maximal benefit from Big Data within the organization.

Program Structure

The program length is 1 day and consists of 20% Lecture, 30% Case Studies, and 50% Workshop, focusing on the following topics.

  • Awareness and Understanding
  • Consideration
  • Tools Insight
  • Smart Organization

TIME Digital are willing to adapt the program according to suitability and the requirements of each client.

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