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We Organize Events Related To Digital & Technology

We organize events both internally and externally in order to improve relationships and awareness. In addition, our events allow for the exchange of knowledge, innovations, and results of analysis with potential to benefit organizations. Our events utilize various activities to allow participants to receive useful knowledge and experiences.  These activities are categorized into Focus Groups, Public Conferences, and Tailored Corporate Programs.

Focus Group

This involves group discussions in order to open opportunities for participants to exchange opinions and experiences in both small and large groups. The activity is structured in a manner that allows information to be shared with accuracy and efficiency so that participants can use them for further analysis and utilization.

Public Conference

Public conference events involve the organization of seminars, opinion panels, and meetings at both small and large scale sizes. These events serve the purpose of improving relationships and furthering knowledge in various subject areas. In addition, they open up opportunities for interested individuals to take part in these learning experiences. TIME Digital can act as both partners and organizers in the arrangement of public conferences.  The partnership agreement involves TIME Digital cooperating with organizations to provide public conferences, while the organizer agreement allows TIME Digital to fully control arrangements in organizing activates for organizations.

Tailored Corporate Program

Tailored Corporate Programs are organized appropriately according to the different needs of each organization. For example, workshops and seminars can be used to spread knowledge towards individuals within the organization.

Past Events

TIME Digital partnered with depa to organize an event dedicated to raising awareness and mobilizing opinions of stakeholders in order to develop guidelines for future industrial development.

International meeting of leaders in the fields of broadband and video “Broadband Forum Asia” and “Video Exchange Asia 2019”. Meeting topics included the analysis of industrial trends and competition within the present day broadband industry. This meeting was organized in partnership with Knect365 at the Avani Riverside Hotel Bangkok, Thailand.

Corporate Governance and Business Ethics Workshop (CG&BE) for employees at PTT Co., Ltd (PTTEP) on the compliance to principles in conducting business ethically, as well as with honesty and transparency.

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