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Digital Business Roadmap

About this course

Digital business roadmap is the design of methods that utilize business strategies to link various components of an organization in order to achieve business goals. This is involves taking into account the business environment of an organization and implementing digital technology in a manner that increases its efficiency.

  • Providing new strategies for the organization
  • Understand existing issues and address them with suitable solutions.
  • Short and long term planning for business development.
  • Managing resources to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Supplement abilities and existing business advantages.
  • Clearly define goals for the organization.

Target Group

Organizations needing to develop new strategies and work methods in order to transition towards the digital era 4.0.

Design Structure

Provide strategies and work methods, as well as determine stages for further development. The time frame for each project depends on the manner of the job, but follows this general process.

  • Discover: Integrate information and understand the real operational problems of the organization.
  • Define: Analyze problems by considering a variety of factors.
  • Deliver: Coordinate with the organization to design an effective operational plan.

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