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Digital Business Coach

About this course

The Digital Business Coach course teaches digital business processes with a focus on introducing ways for businesses and individuals to utilize technology in the digital era. This is involves assisting organizations and employees, ranging from managers to lower level staff, in the transition towards the 4.0 digital era by increasing their potential to become more competent in the market.

  • Adopt an open attitude towards digital and technological advancements for all individuals within the organization.
  • Increase digital skills and capabilities.
  • Stimulate the conception of ideas for innovations in order to further develop the organization.
  • Prepare the organization for transitioning towards the digital era.

Target Group

Organizations or entrepreneurs in need of adopting technology for use in digital era business processes, ranging from foundation and goal setting, to actual business operations and the provision of benefits to consumers.

Design Structure

Provide plans for changing the mindsets of individuals within the organization using the following process.

  • Pre-Digital Literacy & Maturity Evaluation: Assess the learning skills and understanding of digital concepts of personnel throughout the organization in order to plan for further development
  • Problem Identification: Identify and indicate problems of the organization
  • Digital Business Design: Development Design
  • Implementation: Changes in concepts and enhancing digital skills
  • Post-Digital Literacy & Maturity Evaluation: Assessing learning skills, knowledge, understanding and numerical skills that personnel gained from the development process

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