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Customer Journey Design

About this course

Customer Journey Design is the design of methods to retrieve information from customers for analysis in order to understand their decision making process in choosing products or services. This is a useful tool to use in creating marketing plans, as the “Customer Journey” reveals in detail the process of consuming goods or services. In the event that a problem arises at any specific stage in the process, organizations can then apply a solution that addresses that specific issue. This allows for the business to have an increased potential for success.

  • Thoroughly understand the behavior of customers.
  • Design products and services that correctly address the needs of customers.
  • Plan strategies to access products and services.

Target Group

Organizations needing to plan marketing strategies in order to accurately address the needs of customers.

Design Structure

Provide strategies for data retrieval, collection and analysis, as well as marketing recommendations using the “Customer Journey” process consisting of the 5 following stages.

  • Awareness: Recognition
  • Consideration: Thinking, considering and comparing to reach decision
  • Purchase: Buying products and services
  • Usage/Service: Use of products or services
  • Loyalty: Re-purchase

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