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Customer Insight Analysis

About this course

Customer Insight Analysis is the design of methods to retrieve as much information on clients as possible. This includes the analysis and projection of customer preferences on products and services, as well as their characteristics and behaviors in both the short and long term future. This is necessary due to variation between consumers and the need to understand each of their different needs. The information gathered will be used to devise the most suitable strategy for marketing the product or service in order to achieve successful results.

  • Appropriately approach customers
  • Respond to customer needs accurately
  • Achieve high customer satisfaction with product or service
  • Maintain healthy relationships between customer and brand
  • Keep track of market trends and adapt product or service accordingly

Target Group

Organizations or entrepreneurs looking to adapt a marketing mindset that focuses on accurately addressing the needs of customers. In addition, there should be interest in methods for finding the needs of the market in order to perform thorough needs analysis. Findings can be used to modify current businesses or to start a business that addresses customer needs.

Design Structure

Provide strategies for data collection and analysis using the following general process.

  • Design & Develop: Planning for collecting data with clearly defined variables
  • Data Collection: Collect smart data integration
  • Data Analysis: Analyze data received
  • Data implication and Recommended action: Summary of analyzed results along with recommended actions to take

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