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Business Model Design

About this course

The Business Model Design course introduces the concepts of designing business models by simulating the development of businesses from scratch using prompts such as what product or service the business produces, who it is produced for, production location and methods, resources required, assistance from partners and support networks, estimated costs and revenues, as well as profit to be gained from each product.  As a result, these models will assist in providing a clearer overview of the business.

Target Group

Organizations or entrepreneurs looking to initiate a business with a clear direction and end goal.

Design Structure

Develop plans for use in business operations by analyzing information in the following areas.

  • Value Proposition: What is offered to the customer
  • Customer Segment: Target of customers
  • Distribution Channels: Ways to reach customers
  • Customer Relationships: Making relationships with customers
  • Revenue Streams: Revenue of the business
  • Key Resource: Main resources
  • Key Activities: Main activity
  • Key Partners: Partners and support networks
  • Cost Structure

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