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Business Design

Turning Challenges Into Exceptional Successes

The design and analysis of business development pathways in order to adopt mindsets, processes and methods in operating businesses in the digital era (Digital Transformation).

Digital Business Roadmap

Digital business roadmap is the design of methods that utilize business strategies to link various components of an organization in order to achieve business goals.

Customer Insight Analysis

Customer Insight Analysis is the design of methods to retrieve as much information on clients as possible.

Customer Journey Design

Customer Journey Design is the design of methods to retrieve information from customers for analysis in order to understand their decision making process in choosing products or services.


The experiment course focuses on the learning and application of marketing knowledge. This allows individuals to inquire in the field of marketing to understand the market and customer. Participants of Experiment can expect to learn the following topics.

Business Model Design

The Business Model Design course introduces the concepts of designing business models by simulating the development of businesses from scratch using prompts such as what product or service the business produces, who it is produced for.

Digital Business Coach

The Digital Business Coach course teaches digital business processes with a focus on introducing ways for businesses and individuals to utilize technology in the digital era.