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About Us

Our Team Has All Expertise Needed for Building Up Digital Business Success

In an era in which digital technology plays a key role driving changes, impacting various parties including businesses, industries, governance, entrepreneurs, as well as in our everyday lives. Thus, many organizations are prioritizing the development awareness and open mindsets to following digital trends in order to avoid potential Digital Disruption in the future.

TIME Digital was founded to develop individuals, organizations and entrepreneurs by introducing mindsets, methods and knowledge for developing businesses to adapt for use in various business situations. This prepares businesses for further growth in the digital era.

TIME Digital’s Services

Digital Training

We provide courses on digital transformation, innovation, business development and marketing through the use workshop activities. Public Training courses are designed for the general population, while our In-house Training Courses are specifically designed to meet the needs of organizations. Our goal is to develop skills for individuals and organizations in order to prepare for changes in the digital era.

Business Design

Design and analysis of business development pathways in order to transform business mindsets, processes and methods in the digital era (Digital Transformation).

Digital Assessment

Assessment of corporation’s digital skillset and capacity in order to determine individual employee’s skill levels and the organization’s progress in transitioning business to the digital era.


We organize events both internally and externally in order to improve relationships and awareness. In addition, our events allow for the exchange of knowledge, innovations, and results of analysis with potential to benefit organizations

Mr Jackkit Sangkittiwan

Expert in the field of Digital Transformation and partner at TIME Consulting, with experience and expertise in the fields of telecommunications, internet, and media.

Dr Chanakan Sriratanaban

ICT Management and Implementation Expert and guest speaker for various organizations in the Thai tech industry such as AIS, Siemens and Microsoft.

Dr Thanyanon Rattanakuakangwan

Manufacturing and Management Expert, former deputy director at CUSE faculty of engineering at Chulalongkorn University and former project manager at Siam Innovation.

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